Tuesday, October 26, 2010

don't use your right against the nation.

A statement by the 'BOOKER AWARD' winner and very well known socialist 'ARUNDATI ROY' is very unfortunate and in the support of those people who wants to break our nation.
And in other statement she says "it is very fortunate that a writer does not express its thoughts". I am also an INDIAN and i should because in our country we lived freedomly and do what i want.So what a living creature wants a freedom which our country provides us.
Yes we have right to speak or express our thought but before express it thought about what impacts it does our nation or our society.U can judge yourself what is right and what is against for the nation.
One last thing i want say 'KASHMIR IS PART OF OUR NATION' and who against it is not INDIAN
So please write responsibly or say responsibly.

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